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Tweet Big Review

by David on August 1, 2011

This is my review of Tweet Big, a twitter management tool that was designed to make it easier for you to run your twitter account, gain followers rapidly, and increase traffic to your website. Tweet Big promises that you will have the ability to gain thousands of followers every month (750+ every 4 days), and increase your website traffic.

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The Tweet Big software is very user friendly. The software includes a video walkthrough explaining how to set up your account and use the program. You start getting followers by adding 15 carefully chosen people. These people should be targeted to your target audience. Their followers should be people that you would like to have as followers.

The program will automatically pick from these people and follow them. The automation in this program will unfollow people that don’t follow you after a set amount of days. It will also automatically follow people that have followed you, if you choose to.

Tweet Big Follower Time Bomb

Using Tweet Big will allow you to use the Follower Time Bomb. This tool allows you to set the amount of time you give people the chance to follow you. For example, lets say you set Follower Time Bomb to 6 days, and Tweet Big Follows @DanielTosh. If after 6 days, Daniel still hasn’t followed you back, the software will automatically unfollow him.

Tweet Big Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank tool allows you to analyze you competition and recommends people on twitter that you should follow. These people are intelligently recommended based on who you have chosen to follow already.

Tweet Big Tweet Scheduler

This is a really cool feature of the software. This tool allows you to schedule tweets to post in the future. Since you can’t be awake 24 hours a day to tweet, you can set tweets to go overnight. You can set tweets to post as far in advance as you’d like.

By using all of the tools in the Tweet Big program you will be able to increase your amount of Twitter followers, and generate more traffic to your website. Once you have lots of targeted followers you can promote relevant things to them.

In short, there are three steps to setting up Tweet Big. You first identify the users who you like, or are targeted toward your niche. Second you put in the keywords that relate to your niche, so that the software can identify users who tweet those keywords and follow them. The third stop is to set the time limit on Follower Time Bomb. Once you set up all of these things you will be able to start generating your massive audience.

Members that have bought Tweet Big have been impressed with the amount of followers they were able to get in just a period of days. Many have said this is the best twitter tool they have come across, and was well worth it. If you want to start generating more traffic to your site, and get a massive amount of followers that you can interact with I recommend taking advantage of the Tweet Big trial through the link below.

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