Use the Force SWTOR Guide review

SWTOR Use The Force Guide Review

by Alex on March 17, 2012

Hi guys! Today I’m going to be sharing our new SWTOR Use The Force Guide review.

STWOR (In case you don’t know)??

“Fraught with controversy and debate, it is time to unite with a faction to survive the upcoming holocaust brought on by the Sith in the most amazing new Star Wars game ever, Star Wars: The Old Republic – an online MMO”.

SWTOR Use The ForceThe Star Wars the Old Republic Use the Force guide has been created to help you survive and come out a champion, without spending sleepless nights grinding away and getting nowhere. It may be the most comprehensive leveling guide for all your bounty hunters, Jedi, and Sith or whatever other character or faction or class you may want to choose.

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What is Included with SWTOR Use The Force Guide?

To start off the guide comes with a complete walkthrough of level 1 through level 50 for every single class in the current game. This means that whether you are a Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor, or a Jedi Consular you can quickly max out and cap out character without having to research online through countless useless videos or reviews.

SWTOR Classes

Most guides on the market (including the Aeon SWTOR Guide that we reviewed) charge you for each individual guide from leveling, to gold making, to professions – compared to the Use The Force Guide – they only charge you for one guide and you get it all. Class Guides, Leveling Guides, Tips, Weapons, Skills, Maps, Waypoints and more all in one place.

In fact, there is a long list of what they will teach you, including but not limited to the following: Item matching and optimization for your specific character, how to quickly farm credits based on your class, the best ways to obliterate opponents in PvP, selecting the best crew skills, which companions you should use on specific missions and what to avoid.

Are You Interested in Mastering Gathering & Crafting Skills?

The SWTOR Use The Force Leveling Guide provides precise details on using the proper tools for your class on how to gather the most and quickly. Then once you have saved countless hours finding the right ingredients and components, the guide directs you how to create the best equipment, medical supplies and more – even Abominable weapons and gear so you can level up faster and easier in the future.

Companion Items is a key component reviewed in the SWTOR Use The Force guide that will teach you optimal placement, hit taking, and gear collecting by using your companion and not simply letting them tail you – stick them right up front in the battle and level up faster than ever before.

SWTOR GunslingerA great feature of the guides is the detailed Advanced Class Guides for each available class in the realm of Star Wars the Old Republic. Unlike some of the other guides, they will teach you specifics for a bounty hunter sub class or the Sith Inquisitor so that you can learn about each and decide for yourself which is the best character suited to your gaming tastes and preferences.

I really nice addition to the guide I like is if you find yourself always be the group healer or tank – you are in luck as the guide will teach you optimal builds, operations, flashpoints, and more so that you can support your teammates in grand battles or simple skirmishes.

Premium Support is provided to all who purchase the guide and it is provided by Premium Players who helped write the game and play on a daily basis for accurate and efficient support. Never again do you have to post a question and get a generic unhelpful reply, get answer, get advice and be part of a growing community.

Once you are a member you have a special access area for members only where you can get quick assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on top of the great information from all the guides included in the membership.

In the end, where else are you going to receive a holy grail of the Star Wars the Old Republic guide for one price that includes leveling, class guides, rotations, weapon guides, crafting, gathering, guild creation, PVP fighting, best gear, free updates, premium useful support and so much more?

Would You Recommend SWTOR Use The Force Guide?

Yes, I would highly recommend purchasing this leveling guide for Star Wars the Old Republic, whether you are an experienced player or a newbie. You will not find a more comprehensive and complete guide that is constantly updated and maintained to provide you with the newest content, quests, and skills. It has provided a wealth of information saving dozens of hours allowing for more gameplay.

Until now I have said that the Aeon SWTOR was the best guide but if I had to choose one over the other I would get the SWTOR Use The Force guide as it’s better value and is the entire package.

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