Tesla Secret Review

by Zach on June 23, 2011

Tesla Secret is a guide that will help you create efficient, green, and most importantly, free energy. According to the book, the secret has been kept out of the public eye for over 90 years. In this Tesla Secret review, I’m going to cover whether or not I think Tesla Secret can help you build a Tesla generator.

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Tesla of course refers to Nikola Tesla, who was a Croatian man who died after his heart gave out in 1943. He created 111 original patents in the countries of Spain, Canada and England. The theoretical inventions that he came up with get the most attention today. These consist of:

• The Thought Camera
• Free Energy
• Antigravity Aircraft
• Electric Submarine
• Teleforce

This guide, I’m sure you can predict, focuses on the Free Energy part. This book obviously does not tell you how to create energy from nothing at all, but rather talks about how to harness the renewable heat and electricity from the natural world that surrounds us.

The book is jam packed and is 109 pages in total. In the beginning it talks about the current energy forms that are more common, like solar and wind power. The next part of the book starts to talk about the life and events that occurred throughout Nikola Tesla’s life.

Then the book starts to get into the more nitty gritty stuff. It begins to speak about Free Energy, followed by an in depth procedure on how to build a free energy device. The plan includes a complete list of parts, along with a description and diagram of how to create it.

Can you build a Tesla Generator with Tesla Secret

Now, I am not a very technical person, and I haven’t yet built the device, but based on what I have seen and read, I think most anyone could build this. And it works, because I’ve seen a live presentation of the product in action, and it actually produced a very strong charge.

The descriptions are thorough and the diagrams are detailed enough so that you would be able to create the device, and have your own Tesla free energy device. The book is a very interesting read, with a lot of great concepts.

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