The Panic Puzzle Review

by Zach on August 11, 2011

This is my review of The Panic Puzzle which was created by Rich Presta. He is someone that struggled with panic attacks for years, and did extensive research on anxiety and panic attacks looking for solutions. He discovered lots of secrets and techniques that have been derived from neurolinguistic programming, operant conditioning, yoga breathing, and others that have been combined to form The Panic Puzzle.

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There are dozens of panic attack and anxiety solution programs, but there are a few programs that strand above the rest. The Panic Puzzle is one of those.

After struggling with panic attacks for years, Rich Presta decided to go on a mission, and review every single source he could get his hands on that offered information about panic, phobias, fear, and anxiety. He read almost everything about anxiety that has been written over the course of the past 100 years, and noted the principles that have worked forever.

He brought all of the working techniques together to product The Panic Puzzle, a manual of materials to help you cure your anxiety. The information is presented in a very organized, clean, and easy to read manner. Rich Presta’s writing style is very friendly, and there is no fluff that wastes time.

The program starts off with an explanation as to why one might suffer from anxiety and panic attacks in the first place. After this he presents to you a series of exercises that help you uncover the origin or this “fear cycle”.

The Panic Puzzle Techniques

After this he will teach you a series of techniques. Each of these techniques build upon each other to help you interrupt your fear cycle so that you can completely eliminate your fears and anxieties. Some of the techniques I recognized, having been familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy from my Psychology classes college. But some of the other techniques Mr. Presta doesn’t really go into detail as to where they are from. Thus, you won’t be able to research them further or go more in depth with them, than he offers in The Panic Puzzle.

You should understand this before purchasing The Panic Puzzle. It is not a magic system that will cure you in 30 seconds. It does work, but you need to stick to the exercises and develop your skills. It will take time to see results.

He teaches you a straightforward approach to managing your time so that you can set aside time to follow the instructions of the course. The course will show you how to both eliminate your panic attacks, and live a better life once you’ve gotten rid of them for good.

You will also receive access to “The Anxiety Helix” audio book, that has been recorded to work in conjunction with the other exercises in the book. You will also be given access to the downloads area for life, so when new materials are added, you will instantly be notified, and be able to download them for free.

Overall, The Panic Puzzle is a great system to help you get rid of panic attacks and anxiety with, but personally, I would still recommend Panic Away over this system. Read my Panic Away Review.

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