The Simple Golf Swing Review

by Alex on August 5, 2011

This is my complete, honest The Simple Golf Swing review.

The Simple Golf Swing is a golf product designed to help all sorts of golf players improve their game. It has the best tips and fundamentals you will find on the market. Keep reading for my full The Simple Golf Swing review.

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What is the The Simple Golf Swing and what is included in the purchase?

In my The Simple Golf Swing review, I will go over everything you will receive when you buy this product and a little bit of background information.

The Simple Golf Swing was written by David Nevogt, a golf player, who has helped over 16,000 golfers with his eBook and coaching courses. The golfers he has helped range from beginners who are just learning to people who have been playing for years and are looking to improve their game. David is well-known for his eBook, The Simple Golf Swing, and guarantees that it will help improve any golfer’s game.

Once you purchase The Simple Golf Swing you will have instant access to everything; all the tutorials, videos, photos, and eBook manuals. There are a ton of different golf tutorials included in The Simple Golf Swing all designed to help you improve your game.

The first thing you will see when you open up The Simple Golf Swing is the step-by-step club tutorial. This section teaches you how to grip the club. It includes detailed photos for you to look and a copy. You also get the instructions for the interlocking and overlapping grips. With this section you learn all the best ways to grip the club for any shot you are going to take. That includes a bunch of different grips for driving, chipping, putting, etc… With this guide you learn grips that allow you to make a straight shot every time you hit.

The best section of The Simple Golf Swing is the section that teaches you how to properly swing the club. The setup found in The Simple Golf Swing allows you to swing around your spine to promote consistency, accuracy, and power. It teaches you how to limit the amount of movement vertically and horizontally. This is all found in a step-by-step manual with pictures and videos to go along with it. It’s very detailed and easy to follow.

There is a section dedicated specifically to your backswing. With The Simple Golf Swing you will learn how to get the top of your backswing, so that you can hit the fairway each time with no problem. This backswing is shorter than most backswings and it will teach you where to stop the backswing. This shorter backswing promotes consistency, distance, accuracy, and power.

The last section of The Simple Golf Swing teaches you how you can increase the speed and distance of your shot. It’s a simple hand motion that not many people know about, which is why a lot of instructors don’t teach it. Using the hand motion you can actually increase your shot by up to 10 mph. It is definitely something you want to know.

Would you recommend The Simple Golf Swing?

The Simple Golf Swing is an extremely cheap product and you can even sign up for a free sample on the official site. I highly recommend signing up for the free preview before purchasing the full product, so that you can see if The Simple Golf Swing is for you. Of course, the complete product has much more than the free product.

I would highly recommend The Simple Golf Swing to any person who wants to become better at golf. This product is written by a trusted person and teaches you a ton of stuff that will increase your talents. The swings in The Simple Golf Swing will definitely help improve your accuracy, power, consistency, distance, and overall game. The secret in the last section that teaches you how to increase speed is well worth the guide itself. Overall, if you are someone who is dedicated to playing golf or just someone who wants to improve their game, I highly recommend The Simple Golf Swing to you.

If you found this The Simple Golf Swing review helpful let me know with a comment below. If you have experience with The Simple Golf Swing also fill out a comment below and let me know how it went.

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