The Traffic Bandits Review

by David on May 13, 2011

The Traffic Bandits was created by longtime Internet marketer Scott Rewick. It has taken him a full year to put The Traffic Bandits together.

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The product is a very informative collection of in depth case studies of 5 different Internet marketers, and how they achieved success online through media buys. For those who don’t know who Scott Rewick is, he is a media buy expert. He has spent of $100 million on online advertising in the past ten years.

The Traffic Bandits first story is about bandit number one, Big Wave Surfer. Mr. K is one of the biggest underground marketers every to hit the Internet marketing scene. He watched the Internet waves come and go for years. He started with $100 and eventually his spending on ads reached $500K per day in a very short amount of time. He used news style marketing and became one of the biggest online advertisers in the world. Inside, he reveals what strategies and techniques he used, how he built his uber affiliate mindset, and how he scaled his profits.

The second bandit is The Engineer. He previously was a engineer at Yahoo. He went on a campaign and bough a bunch of informational material about how to become successful in Internet marketing. He was able to study one single method, and knew they system very well. He knew how to set up each of his campaigns so that he received the highest number of clicks at a very low price. He became one of the most respected blog marketers, and in a period of three months made over $5 million. The Traffic Bandits will teach you how you can reverse engineer his success, reach your affiliate networks highest potential, and when to get out while your ahead.

The third bandit is The Rhodes Scholar, who was one of the first to adopt “free marketing” practices. He started off with a few creatives, and made his way to the top. At the peak of his success, he was pulling in around 300,000 email addresses per day. He ran possibly the largest lead generation engine in the world. He was one of the first to start incentive marketing, and brought in $100 million per year in revenue consistently. He went on to buy some similar companies after his huge success. The Traffic Bandits will teach you how you can draft you top competitors to get yourself wealthy, how the word free creates irrationality that is predictable, and advanced advertising strategies.

Bandit number four is The Player. He started off early online as a media buyer, and has successfully built his Internet business over the course of the past ten years. When people wanted traffic, he was the person to get hooked up with. He worked with many different distribution channels, and currently spends $50K per day on media because of his high volume of converting clients. The Traffic Bandits goes over how you can become a super affiliate and bring in a recurring income, how you can gain that unfair advantage over your competitors, and how you can grow your lifestyle and business into something that can be sold.

The fifth and final bandit is The Diet Guy. He was a person that was lost in all the Internet hype until he started to learn about media buys. He went from $0 in sales to over 2K in sales daily. He is a Clickbank monster. He tapped into the potential of selling Clickbank products through media buys. His case study in The Traffic Bandits will reveal how to break out of you JV (Junior Varsity) mindset, how to go from zero to multiple thousand dollar media buys in months, and how to maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

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