The Unexplainable Store Review

by Zach on July 6, 2011

This is my review of The Unexplainable Store, which is an online store, and one of the leading paces to get beat brainwave training audio files. This audio files are known as binaural beats, and can only be played through stereo headphones, because there are different frequencies coming out of each individual earphone. These can be listened to on your computer, or on any device that can play MP3 files.

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Their download section is very diverse with audio files for meditation, astral projection, weight loss, remote viewing, past life regression, anxiety and stress relief.

The best way to listen to the audio files is to lie down in a comfortable position, with your favorite pair of headphones on and listed to the recordings. The stress relief audio files are incredibly relaxing. You will be relaxed in minutes after you lay down and listen to the audio, even if you’re very tense at the time.

These recordings can be downloaded for very low prices. Each audio file varies, but they are usually around $5 for a 10 minute audio file.

I find that the stress reducing audio files are very good for anxiety and when you’re feeling anxious. When you put the headphones on for a relaxation session, you are completely relaxed in a short amount of time, and feel like you can do anything when it’s over.

The files in The Unexplainable Store are great for meditation, because meditation is one of the best things that you can do to control stress and anxiety levels.

The Unexplainable Store Has More Than Just Binaural Beats

The Unexplainable store doesn’t just have binaural beats however. They also carry monaural beats which are two tones that have the same intensity. These are different from binaural beats because they are easier on your ears and brain, because you don’t need to adjust to the different frequencies. Monaural beats work by playing a single tone that pulses specific patterns.

They also have Isochronic Tones available to download. These have a faster pulse speed, and a faster rhythm, which means the brain synchronizes with the beat faster. There are studies that show that these tones can have positive effects on learning, and concentration.

Why The Unexplainable Store Is So Awesome

This store has one of the biggest collections of brainwave entrainment products on the Internet. There are a ridiculous amount of audio files to choose from, so you can look for files that are very specific to almost anything you want.

The store has also existed since the year 2000. They are extremely popular and widely known, and are a solid place for people looking to get into binaural beats. All of the audio files they carry are specifically targeted, and are created by them. They are not copied from anywhere else.

The store is owned by Jim McElwee, and he is always there to help customers out. He is constantly answering emails and support questions, and is very good at giving quality answers and solutions to his users questions. There are also a lot of reviews that praise his quality of customer service.

The Unexplainable Store is an very solid investment in my opinion. I was skeptical if these beats could work at first, but after trying some of the relaxing binaural beat therapy audio files, I was instantly impressed. These MP3s are custom tailored to each individual problem, and are very effective in helping out a wide variety of dilemmas.

Get Your Free 10 Minute Sample With This Link —> The Unexplainable Store

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