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by David on July 6, 2011

Paul Lynch is the creator of Visitors Dot Com, and this is my in depth review about this system. Paul Lynch is a very successful Internet entrepreneur that has coached many people on how to get targeted mass amounts of traffic to their sites. The product itself is a collection of videos created by paul showing you a bunch of different ways to increase traffic to your site. These methods include using Fiverr, Facebook, YouTube, and Flippa. He also teaches about the Google one cent click method, along with in depth SEO videos explaining how to get your site ranking better.

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His approach to traffic generation is very unique, and many of the methods I haven’t seen in any other course. The methods are berry simple, but can be used to attract some serious traffic to your websites to help you start making sales. Once you realize how effective his methods are, you will start generating a lot of traffic this way. Paul Lynch shows this traffic generation in action, and it’s really cool to see his methods working on actual sites. You will literally be copying his traffic generation methods, and using them for yourself.

Once you have these traffic generation methods under your belt, you will be able to drive traffic to your sites without spending hundreds or thousands on paid advertising.

Visitors Dot Com Traffic Driving Methods

Traffic is the number one thing that brings people down in Internet marketing. Lots of people set up very good websites, but never end up driving substantial traffic to those sites, and eventually give up because they’re not getting the visitors. Paul teaches you 10 different traffic methods throughout this course that will increase traffic to your sites. I will list 5 of the traffic methods he teaches you below.

Fiverr Traffic: Fiverr is the leading marketplace for outsourcing work for $5. With this method, you will learn how you can use fiverr to drive traffic to your websites or blogs.

Flippa Traffic: Flippa is the leading website for buying and selling online sites. This method teaches you to drive traffic from this site, and Paul shows you exactly how he does it.

Ninja SEO: This method is extremely powerful for getting your website to the top of Google very fast. It is a very different type of technique but is very effective for achieving rankings.

Google $0.01 Click: Buying PPC ads from Google is expensive! But only if you do it the wrong way. Paul Lynch teaches you the secret method that he has discovered which allows you to get extremely cheap one cent clicks on Google Adwords. It is a very powerful method which allows you to drive targeted traffic for a price that is hundred times lower than normal click costs.

YouTube Tsunami: YouTube is absolutely huge when it comes to marketing, and Paul is going to teach you how you can use youtube to get instant traffic, that multiplies as you dive further and further into it.

Overall this is a very good product that comes with a ton of brilliant methods to generate traffic to your website. All these methods combined have the potential to drive millions and millions of visitors to your site. Many of these methods aren’t widely known in the Internet marketing arena, and are very untapped. I would get on board Visitors Dot Com if you want to learn how to drive instant and longterm traffic to your site, or sites.

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