Your Marriage Savior Review

by Alex on August 15, 2011

Welcome to my complete, unbiased Your Marriage Savior review.

Your Marriage Savior is audio and written programs designed for men that think their marriage is failing and want to save it. Michael Cross, the author, believes he can help save your marriage no matter how hard it may look. Keep reading for my full Your Marriage Savior review.

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What is Your Marriage Savior and what is included in the purchase?

Your Marriage Savior, written by Michael Cross, is aimed specifically at men who want to get their marriage back on track. Cross has helped over 2,000 different people fix their marriage problems, leaving them as in love as they were when they first got married. Your Marriage Savior is definitely a better option than going through a divorce.

Your Marriage Savior works using 4 main systems. The first two sections are both written manuals and the last two sections are audio CDs. Then of course, you get the bonuses that go along with the product. You will have instant access to everything included once you buy Your Marriage Savior. I’ll go over what’s included in better detail below.

The “meat and potatoes” of the Your Marriage Savior system in an eBook called Unleashing the Lion. With this book you will really learn how everything works in the female mind and how females operate in a relationship. You will learn what governs females in relationships, three things you can do that will make your wife attracted to you in seconds, what the real causes of marriage problems are, how to recreate the chemistry you once had, mistakes that husbands make that ruin marriages, and various other tips on what to do in a marriage. This part of the system goes into some pretty great detail, and it is definitely worth it to read it because the information included is like gold to you if you want to save your marriage.

The second eBook in the Your Marriage Savior system is called Taming the Lioness. This is where you will actually start to apply the marriage saving tips. In this powerful book you will learn how women test your leadership abilities and how to pass these tests, how to establish yourself as a leader in the marriage, how to make your wife do the “little things” that will keep you happy, how to overcome fights and arguments, how to get the upper-hand in any situation, how to not get upset over your wife’s emotions, the right way to apologize, what the best turn-ons are, and how to make your wife chase you instead of you chasing her. Applying any of these techniques will absolutely boost your marriage in a way that you have never known.

The last two parts of the Your Marriage Savior system are two audio CDs, Peasants Into Kings Disc One and Two. The first disc is all about increasing confidence by doing certain exercises every day. These exercises are the same ones world champion athletes do before they compete. The best part is you can apply these exercises to anything you do in life, not just saving your marriage.

The second part of the Your Marriage Savior audio CDs teaches you all about thinking positive and getting rid of negative thoughts. This is extremely powerful especially with all the horrible, negative emotions that you are going through with your marriage. Being able to shake off negative thoughts will allow you to focus better on saving your marriage the right way instead of acting out purely on hurt feelings. With this audio CD you will be able to change any negative behavior, thought, belief, or idea that you don’t want into something positive that will benefit you. This is a vital part of the Your Marriage Savior system.

Would you recommend Your Marriage Savior?

If you have failed over and over to fix your marriage, Your Marriage Savior is definitely something you want to read. This program has proven to be successful over and over again with a ton of different marriages and it will be able to help you. Using this program is a lot cheaper than going to marriage counseling, which never works, or getting a divorce. Don’t even get me started on how much a divorce can ruin your life. If you want to set your marriage back on track, I highly suggest you purchase Your Marriage Savior.

If you found this Your Marriage Savior review helpful let me know with a comment below. If you have experience with Your Marriage Savior also fill out a comment below and let me know how it went.

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